Welcome (and Welcome Back) to the 20th annual Reelout Queer Film Festival in Kingston, ON Canada (January 31st-February 14, 2019)

People are always surprised to learn that a city the size of Kingston can sustain such a large, cultural festival that focuses on films about LGBTQ+ lives.  Much of that success can be attributed to collaboration.  Collaboration between the queer community and the larger community who champion this festival; between activists and artists; between academics and non-academics; in an environment that fosters a culture of respect and inclusion that not only acknowledges intersectional identities but makes them/us the star of the show.   We want to thank all the sponsors, patrons and volunteers + the 260 staff, board and programming collective members on the team since 1999 for getting us to where we are today.

This is the largest festival in scope and scale we’ve ever assembled with 39 individual programs from 14 different countries spread out over 15 days.  This includes 116 new and memorable films from our 20 year history as well as an animation workshop with San Francisco-based artist Clyde Petersen; a cabaret performance called A Briefs History of Time by Toronto-based Boylesque; Coats of Her, a new dance work by choreographer Kay Kenney and Movement Market Collective; musical performances by Jenica Rayne & Lynne Hanson, and Full Circle; an aerial acrobatics performance by circus artist Erin Ball and plenty of audience engagements with visiting filmmakers like Thom Fitzgerald, Dayna McLeod, Jason Karman, Justin Ducharme and many more!

We wish you an emotionally-rewarding festival experience

With Love,

Matt Salton, executive director on behalf of the Reelout’s staff & board of directors

Info on ticket sales and passes as well as venues, can be found on our TICKETS page.

You’ll also find a PDF. electronic copy of our Festival Program guide HERE