Welcome (and Welcome Back) to the 21st annual Reelout Queer Film Festival in Kingston, ON Canada (January 30th-February 8th, 2020)

People are always surprised to learn that a city the size of Kingston can sustain such a large, cultural festival that focuses on films about LGBTQ+ lives.  Much of that success can be attributed to collaboration.  Collaboration between the queer community and the larger community who champion this festival; between activists and artists; between academics and non-academics; in an environment that fosters a culture of respect and inclusion that not only acknowledges intersectional identities but makes them/us the star of the show.   We want to thank all the sponsors, patrons and volunteers + the 260 staff, board and programming collective members on the team since 1999 for getting us to where we are today.

Reelout enters our 2nd decade with  18 individual programs from 10 different countries over 10 days.  Our Programming Committee has selected 43 short and feature-length narratives and documentaries that represent some of the best and brightest queer film works from around the world.

We wish you an emotionally-rewarding festival experience

With Love,

The Reelout Programming Committee

Joseph Brant, Oscar Cadeau, Laura Chaignon, Yvonne Ehinlaiye, Mustafa Karacam, Kyler Chittick, Tamara Lang, Ky Pearce, Aksel Richard,  Abbey Lee Hallett, Anthony Lomax, & Matt Salton.

The Reelout Board of Directors

Gary Cork (Chair), Sarah Smith (Secretary), Amanda Rogers (Treasurer), Terrie Easter Sheen, Nancy Butler, Reena Kukreja, Dr. Josee-Lyne Ethier, Uglen Ulgezen.

Info on ticket sales and passes as well as venues, can be found on our TICKETS page.

You’ll also find a PDF. electronic copy of our Festival Program guide HERE