What’s Reeling Out This April 2023

April marks the finale of our  “You’re the Inspiration: Queer Movie Socials” and we have 4 great films every Thursday at 6:30pm.  All screenings are at Trellis/Reelout Lending Library at 844A Princess Street. All are welcome to bring your own beverages and snacks provided you take your packaging with you when you leave).  Admission is always FREE.  There will be a special reception at The Celluloid Closet screening to thank all our community members for their participation.  This project is funded in part by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, The City of Kingston & the Kingston Arts Council through the City of Kingston Arts Fund.

April 6th SHORTBUS directed by John Cameron Mitchell 1h 41m 2006 selected by Be Heaslip. ADULTS ONLY!

April 13th DOING TIME ON MAPLE DRIVE  directed by Ken Olin 1hr 32m 1992 Selected by Keith Bilow

April 20th THE GARDEN LEFT BEHIND directed by Flavio Alves 1h 28m 2019 Selected by Anne Wood and Ruth Wood. CW: Transgender Violence.

April 30th THE CELLULOID CLOSET directed by Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman. Selected by M. Nancy Tatham, Diane Kearnan