This project is seed funded by the City of Kingston and the United Way Healthy Community Fund and operates year-round. Reelout is dedicated to making our community a more tolerant and respectful place to live, love and grow and we believe that the film and video medium is a powerful social tool for education and enlightenment. We offer educational resource DVDs to public schools, your workplace, rural communities, and to other community-serving agencies here in Kingston and the surrounding areas.

Reelout will work with your group to present a film based on your audiences needs and we cater the program to best suit the age and social issue you’re trying to address. We offer films that deal with bullying, transgender and intersex identities, cultural and religious conflicts within the queer community, politics, ability issues, age issues, and health and wellness concerns. When possible, Reelout will work with you to provide a guest speaker with particular experience in the social issue you are addressing.

Reelout is always looking to partner with other organizations throughout the year right here in Kingston to screen queer film and video in public spaces. If you’ve got a great idea for a screening, we’d love to hear it!

You can contact us here at 844A Princess St between 10am and 5pm Mon-Fri at (613) 549-7335.