Matt Salton, Executive Director
Matt Salton has been programmer and film festival organizer for the past 19 years. An original Reelout collective member, Matt was also the Festival Director of Calgary’s FairyTales Queer Film Festival for three years and was the co-director/founder of the Slimebone City Horror Film Festival. Salton wrote and directed REALITY HIGH which was nominated for Best Student Film by the Alberta Film and Television Industry in 2009. He has been a guest juror at the Image + Nation Film Festival in Montreal and a curator for the Winnipeg REEL PRIDE festival & the Pink Life Film Festival in Ankara, Turkey. Salton majored in Business of Film at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and graduated with honours in 2009. Salton has served on the advisory boards of the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society (07-09) , The City of Kingston Arts Advisory Committee (11-14) and MANO/RAMO (14-17).

2018 Programming Committee

Yvonne Ehinlaiye, Paul Smith, William Carroll, Oscar Cadeau, Mustafa Karacam, Aksel Richard, Fitch Elron, Taylor Leeder, Elizabeth Howes, Curtis Stillman, Kevin Collins, Jennifer Hannah, Marion Gonsalves, Patrick Brant, James Robbins, Matt Salton

Aksel Richard, Festival Manager










Olivia Dumas, Volunteer Coordinator





Taryn Cates, Technical Director








Aaliyah Hinds, Guest Services Coordinator

Markus Harwood-Jones, Festival Production Assistant








Facundo Vazquez, Festival Production Assistant