Tickets and Passports for our Virtual Film Festival can be purchased HERE.

Despite the virtual nature of the festival, each of your 22 possible Cinematic Adventures has a finite number of tickets on our online theatre so please book your cinematic travel plans ahead to avoid sold-out screenings.

NOTE: ReelOut Queer Film Festival: Points of View’s content is geoblocked.  ONLY audiences in the province of Ontario will have access to the films with the EXCEPTION of all SHORT FILM COLLECTIONS which are available to all residents of Canada.

Tickets for individual Cinematic Adventures are $15 including all fees.

Please note that your Cinematic Adventures UNLOCK on specified dates and you have until February 7 th, 2022 to start each journey you have purchased a ticket for. Once you hit PLAY on your film, you have 48 hours to complete that experience.

Frequent Fiver Passes are $69 including all fees. Choose any five Cinematic Adventures IN ADVANCE* for a discounted price.

All-Access Passports are $139 including all fees.  You can book ALL 22 Cinematic Adventures IN ADVANCE*.  Only Ontario residents can access all content.

*Once you have purchased your passport, you will receive an email prompt asking you to pre-book the Cinematic Adventures you wish to experience.  This is important, as your passport alone does not guarantee you a space on any of your 22 possible journies.  As mentioned above, each program still only has a finite number of virtual “seats” so you must ensure you book yours after your passport purchase.

Passports can be purchased HERE: