Green Movie Night Event Flyer

You’re The Inspiration Queer Movie Socials will be a weekly, casual, free (donations welcomed) screening of films that have inspired members of Kingston’s 2SLGBTQIA+ communities in some way.  These films will be presented throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to attend.  The films will be screened mostly in the Jeannie’s Place Common Room at Trellis/Reelout Lending Library (844A Princess Street) or at the Window Art Gallery (647A Princess Street). Please Check our Instagram @reeloutygk for Latest Date and Time Changes. Download a PDF. copy of our program guide here:  Inspiration_Calendar_Reelout

The GOALS of this project are:

– Creating a safe space for members of the local 2SLGBTQ+ community to gather in an environment that doesn’t center around bar culture.
– Offering a low-key, small-scale, less-intimidating opportunity for people who may be experiencing social anxiety and/or struggles to reintegrate back into social activities after the pandemic.
– Revitalizing Reelout’s outreach and engagement to/with the community after spending two years offering remote activities.
– Celebrating independent queer motion pictures and invoking a sense of nostalgia.
– Providing a space to discuss representation and how we as a community have changed through the years.
These projects are funded in part by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the City of Kingston and the Kingston Arts Council through the City of Kingston Arts Fund.  We are grateful to these funders and for public sector funding for the arts.
August 2022

4th ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT selected by William Carroll, Mark Richardson, Karen Burkett, Jim Puckalo, Chris Bachand Lauko

18th  FORBIDDEN LOVE* selected by Sammi King, MaryLouise Adams, Eleanor MacDonald

25th NORMAL selected by Anne Wood & Ruth Wood

September 2022

1st BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER* selected by Kamryn Marsh, Mark Richardson

8th OUTRAGEOUS selected by Tim Murphy

15th GO FISH selected by Diane Kearnan

22nd BEAUTIFUL THING selected by Be Heaslip

29th MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE selected by Kelly Dear

October 2022


13th SHELTER selected by Ian Burns & Steve McKellar

20th TIPPING THE VELVET selected by Karen Burkett

27th WILD ZERO selected by Aara Macauley

*Film Screenings at Kingston School of Art Window Art Gallery

You’re The Inspiration Community Contributors: 

Mary Louis Adams, Chris Bachand-Lauko, Susan Belyea, Keith Bilow, Karen Burkett, Ian Burns, Andrés Caravantes, Gilles Charette, Kelly Dear, Bradley Dies, Karen Dubinsky, Bob Giarda, Pam Havery, Be Heaslip, Diane Kearnan, Samantha King, Aara Macauley, Eleanor MacDonald, Kamryn Marsh, Joanne McAlpine, Steve McKellar, Tim Murphy, Jean Pfleiderer, Jim Puckalo, Matt Salton, Kate Simpson, Mark Richardson, M. Nancy Tatham, Dan Vena, Andi Wilder, Anne Wood, & Ruth Wood.

* The Reelout Programming Committee

Christina Avery, Amy Lucille Wilding, Tyler Cyr, Lemon Cheesecake Overlord AKA Amillia Ho, Kel Martin, Mustafa Karacam, Michael McNeely, Tamara Lang, A Anbalagan, Aksel Richard,  Radford J. Cowan, Hedley Myers, Tory Moar & Matt Salton.

The Reelout Board of Directors

Gary Cork (Chair), Mel Cote (Secretary), Amanda Rogers (Treasurer), Terrie Easter Sheen, Reena Kukreja, Dr. Josee-Lyne Ethier, Uglen Ulgezen, Taylor Leeder & Sarah Smith.