Online ticket and passes go on sale January 6, 2020 at  TICKETSCENE.  If a show indicates it is “Sold Out” that means only a select number of tickets set aside to sell in advance or that are being held for anyone purchasing a FESTIVAL PASS are “sold out”.  If you do not or can not purchased your ticket in advance you can join what is called THE RUSH LINE.  This is where we allow festival attendees the opportunity to buy a ticket to a show in person from the Reelout Box Office 15 minutes prior to that show.  It’s called a “rush line” because when that half past minute strikes, we will rush to sell off any remaining tickets to those patrons dedicated to arrive first in line.


The most affordable and worry-free way to enjoy your Reelout experience is to buy a FESTIVAL PASS.  $100.    This allows you access to all films and parties. You should be advised however that we only sell a limited number of PASSES and they ALL go on sale ONLINE in ADVANCE as of January, 6th, 2020.  So don’t be disappointed if you show up on day one and all PASSES have been sold, BUY IN ADVANCE at TicketScene.

PASS Holders who are under the age of 18 will not be admitted to parties at licensed venues or restricted programs.

Your pass is non-transferable and may only be used by the person whose name will appear on the PASS.  Your online receipt will be shown to the Reelout Box Office in exchange for your PASS.  You MUST show photo ID to collect your pass and may be required to show your ID at any point during the festival when using your PASS to gain tickets.

*PASS Holder SEATS are ONLY RESERVED until 20 minutes prior to each screening.  Your PASS is NOT A TICKET. PASS Holders MUST pick up tickets from the BOX OFFICE at the very latest 20 minutes prior to any screening they wish to see.  Fifteen minutes prior to showtime, all unclaimed PASS Holder reserved tickets go on sale to the RUSH LINE. You may, however pick up your tickets for each program of that day ON that day should you run into scheduling conflicts (ie. the film you are currently watching, isn’t going to be over in time for you to get your next ticket).


$20 Reelout/Three Things Consulting Opening Gala (includes opening reception at Monte’s Lounge at the Tir Nan Og)

$15 General Admission to all other screenings and performances

$10 Student/Senior (65+) to all other screenings and performances.  ID/Membership must be provided.

Anyone who wishes to attend the festival and does not have the financial means to do so, can email Matt at and let him know what programs you would like to see and we will discretely have your tickets for you at the Box Office no questions asked.


The Screening Room (120 Princess St.)

Monte’s Lounge in The Tir Nan Og (200 Ontario St)