Reelout’s Amazing Gay Masquerade July 27 2016

Hi I’m Tina the Summer Intern for Reelout it’s my first day and I’m charge of updating the website. OMG! How excited are we to be hosting our annual Amazing Gay Masquerade at 6pm on July 27, 2016!!!!

I couldn’t find any pictures from last year’s AGM but I can like totally imagine ^^^^ THAT is what it looks like!  FML I have to figure out what I’m going to wear! So yeah, you have to be be a valid member and membership is like $20  for the year and I guess you get to vote as a member.  Not sure what you’re voting on, maybe King and Queen of the Masquerade?  Ohhhhhhh maybe a wet T-shirt contest!  Anyways it’s 6pm Wednesday, July 27th at 82 Sydenham Street see you there!


OMG guys I’m like super embarrassed. Apparently “AGM” stands for Annual General Meeting ????!!!!!!!  (Seriously how the eff am I supposed to know that? I’m majoring in Spray Tanning with a minor in Scratch & Sniff Stickers.)  Sigh.  Apparently if you show up to this thing you still have to be a member to vote but there’s no wet T-shirt contest, no foam party, no feathered boas and no sparkles.   It all sounds super…. outrageously… better than what I thought it was. Zzzz.

Last year's Reelout AGM.

Last year’s Reelout AGM.