Reelout Escapes Planner February 1-3 2021

How’s that cinematic vacation coming along friends? We hope you’ve been enjoying yourselves thus far. There’s six more days of Reelout to come!  Don’t forget, if you bought a ticket and didn’t watch the film yet, you have 50 hours from the time of the event to PLAY your program.   Also, don’t forget to RATE the films you’ve watched to determine Audience Award winners!

Here’s what you can expect for the next 3 days!

Monday, February 1st.  Happy February everyone!  We’ve got just one program offering today but it’s a fabulous one.  Your program unlocks at 7pm EST to anywhere in Ontario, Canada only. We’ve got the sweetest animated short ARTEMIS by Barbara Cero from Argentina (which also the distinction of being our shortest short of the festival at just a minute and six seconds!  Then we shift from animated fantasy to a lively (and also occasionally animated as well) documented look at the edgy, hilarious, unapologetically raunchy, and sometimes tear-jerking, WELL ROUNDED by Shana Myara.



Blending gorgeous interviews with dreamy animation, director Shana Myara assembles personal stories from a diverse, captivating cast whose horrors, triumphs and commitment to dreaming large offer BIG inspiration — especially for those of us who don’t often see our BIPOC, LGB2TQ+, disabled and/or fat selves celebrated on screen.

From fat ballet to supersize comedy and hateful-but-charming claymation public messaging of yore, WELL ROUNDED is packed ‘n plenty.

Then after the film, click on the link on the festival program’s page to take you to a Q&A with director Shana Myara and Candy J. Palmater from the film hosted by our very own Tamara Lang.



On Tuesday, February 2nd at 7pm we have a double-bill program of films from the African continent.

Ìfé is a love story about ìfé and Adaora, two Nigerian women who fall in love over a three-day date, but their love is soon tested by the realities of being lesbian in Nigeria. This 38 minute film is directed by Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim.  Next we have the feature film KAPANA from Namibia by director Phillipe Talavera. Two lives: George (Adriano Visagie) is a middle class insurance broker living in central town, Windhoek. Simeon (Simon Hanga) is a kapana seller who lives in Katutura, Windhoek’s township Two secrets One unlikely meeting in a bar and the rest is history…


Kapana is the first Namibian film featuring a gay love story and was the runner-up for best international film, audience award, Out on Film Atlanta LGBTQ film festival. The program will be followed by one of our comfy, cozy LIVE Zoom chats after the screening at 9pm where you just might bump into a filmmaker or one of our favourite Professors over at Queen’s University Marc Epprecht  who is also an expert on sexuality in that geographic region. The link will be provided on the program page over at Eventive during the screening.


At 9pm Tuesday, we present the immigration-drama NOWHERE by directors David and Francisco Salazar with the animated short film Chromophobia by Bassem Ben Brahim from Tunisia. The latter is an animated history of a gay guy since birth, his different childhood, his different love, his path, the obstacles envisaged in society, the family and the law, and how he will manifest himself in the end to defend his life & his freedom.

Adrian and Sebastian live an openly gay life in New York as immigrants in the narrative, dramatic film NOWHERE. When Sebastian’s visa is rejected, the two must decide whether to return to Colombia where they face rejection and persecution for their sexual orientation or do whatever is necessary to stay in the United States.

On Wednesday, February 3rd at 7pm we have a collection of short films we like to call GENDER BENDER SHORTS . This year there are five films in this program and the first two are GREAT to watch with children as well as teenagers (BOYS DON’T WEAR DRESSES and GIRLSBOYSMIX) but the rest of the program is recommended for 14+.

Stay Tuned for another update on our final 3 days later this week including more guests (cough) Bruce LaBruce on Thursday!!!!